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improve overall health

Boost your immune system, increase your metabolism & energy levels, promote healthy blood flow and health circulation.

physical recovery

Speed up muscle recovery by minimizing inflammation in the muscle tissue, while reducing the risk of injury. Boost your athletic performance and increase resilience.

mental clarity

Release endorphins in the brain, resulting in better sleep and a better mood! Boost brain function, reduce stress levels, and increase your focus & mental discipline.


Find a total disconnect from the outside world. Meditate, quiet the mind, and practice deep connection through breathwork.

Cold Plunges

Cold plunges constrict the blood vessels, promote fresh oxygen and circulation to the cells, and help to reduce swelling and inflammation in the body. As a result of submerging your body into chillingly cold water, you’ll feel a reduce in soreness and pain in your muscles, so you can recover faster and move your body easier!

When you workout, your body temperature increases, the heart beats fast, and your muscles are put under stress. This causes inflammation and lactic acid to build in the muscle tissue, and the muscle then begins to swell and feel sore. By immersing the body in cold water, you’re able to cool down multiple muscle groups at the same time, helping your body to accelerate the recovery process and heal from injury or pain faster.

Contrast Therapy

what we offer

30 min express Contrast

A quick 30 minute contrast therapy session to give the body what it needs! Perfect if you're on the go and want to fit some time in your day to recover.

45 min standard Contrast

Our most popular option! Recommended for most individuals, especially if it's your first time in the studio. 45 minutes is the right amount of time to get the full benefits from the sauna and cold plunge.

60 min extended contrast

Treat yourself to a longer contrast therapy session! Spend extra time in the sauna and cold plunge, give yourself the opportunity to do multiple rotations through both.

Explore More

other services

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Experience different breathwork techniques to help calm the mind and body. Book a private session today with Lou to dive deeper.

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Infrared sauna

Detox the full body with a session in the infrared sauna. Consider adding on a cold plunge to your experience for ultimate health benefits!

Yoga 4

yoga practice

Practice combining breath and body movement in a custom yoga practice. Learn to move in a way that feels good to you, while getting a deep stretch to release tension in the mind and muscles. Book a private session today with Kinsey.




    Closest to a bath house experience on the island, this gem is the perfect oasis to zen out before or after a flight, workout, or to elevate the island lifestyle. The owners clearly put their heart into the operation, and they offer breathwork coaching for the cold plunge. Whether or not you’ve done a cold plunge before, this is the perfect spot to upgrade your body and mind.

      Nicolette Aguinaldo

      This place is amazing! The owners passion for health and self care is contagious and they treat you like royalty. Everything is so well thought out and intentional to bring the best forward. I took my husband here for a sauna and ice bath day date and left feeling amazing! This is a full on experience that follows with you long after youve left their studio. Highly recommend making this part of your life! Thanks Kinsey and Lou!!

        Jess S.

        Big thank you to Kinsey and Lou, such an amazing experience. Infrared sauna felt awesome, just sweating out all the toxins! I loved how we could change the light colors in the sauna. It was my first time doing an ice bath, I was nervous at first but Kinsey made it comfortable; she went over breathing with me during the time, and I stayed in for 3 minutes, didn’t know I’d last that long! Definitely recommending to my friends. Can’t wait to come back!

          Samantha Brinkman

          We had an INCREDIBLE experience with the infrared sauna and cold plunge combo! Lou was so welcoming, down to earth, and super knowledgeable. He even guided us through different breathing mechanisms and gave us resources for afterwards. We learned a lot and felt like a million bucks after! I’d give this place 10 stars if I could.

            Domnick Yin

            I can't speak highly enough of this establishment. The owners, Kinsey and Lou, were genuinely committed to making my experience in the infrared sauna and ice bath nothing less than unforgettable. Their energy and passion for what they do was refreshing, and it's clear that they are first and foremost dedicated to helping their clients take in the fullest benefits of their wellness program.

              Gracie Courtney

              This place has been such a blessing. I always leave feeling refreshed. Lou has been so helpful and explains everything. It’s a very relaxing and comfortable serene environment. Highly recommend to anyone in need of healing!

                Brady Coffey

                What an absolutely amazing experience we had at Garden Island Wellness! This little zen sanctuary is the perfect place to recover and reset. I loved the infrared sauna and it was my first time doing an ice bath. Lou was super knowledgeable and coached me through the breathing techniques when it came time to get in the ice bath. I left feeling like a whole new person! Thank you Lou and Kinsey for putting this amazing space together for the community to enjoy!

                  Sophia Wilson

                  Absolutely LOVE this place!!! If you’re looking for an amazing place for sauna and ice bath this is definitely the place for you!!! Lou and Kinsey are wonderful! They’ll help you with your breath work while you’re in the ice bath. Guide you through the process and benefits. I cannot say enough about the experience!!

                    Molly Khana

                    I had the absolute BEST experience at Garden Island Wellness! Lou was amazing and so passionate about explaining the benefits of breathwork, expelling toxins from the body, overall wellness, and how to benefit from the sauna+cold plunge most efficiently. I felt very comfortable at their studio and walked away feeling so energized and confident in myself! If you are in Kauai and have always wanted to try this combo or just want to make this a regular practice, I can’t recommend these guys enough! 🙂