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MINDFUL practices


The practice of intentionally changing your breathing pattern to promote mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing is like none other. The idea is to help release out toxins and stress when you exhale, while nourishing the mind and body while you inhale. 

When you breathe, oxygen is brought into the body so that you can stay alive and thrive. But if you are physically or emotionally stressed, your breathing is affected in a negative way. The practice of breathwork helps to calm your stress levels and bring more balance to your life.


reduce stress

Slow down your heart rate, allow the body to take in more oxygen, and signal the brain to calm down. When you take the time to breathe deeply and with intention, you tell your brain that everything is ok, allowing your body to then relax and your stress levels to decrease.

elevate sleep & mood

Release endorphins, allowing the body to sleep better and deeper. Boost your mood, confidence, and energy levels!

Alkaline ph levels

Improve cell function, support a healthy heart, and reduce the risk of illness or. disease.

EMotional balance

Lower cortisol levels, balance hormones, and release emotional trauma that the body is holding onto.

yoga movement

Yoga is a spiritual and movement practice which focuses on the harmony between mind and body. Breathe, move, and meditate through different postures to promote balance, health, and relaxation.

Self care is health care. Take a class or book a private session to improve flexibility, clear your mind, and boost your overall health and wellbeing. 


Build strength

Target specific muscle groups and hold postures for an extended time to build physical strength. This also helps to reduce the risk of injury.

Improve balance & flexibility

Gain more movement in your joints and increase your range of motion. Yoga helps to improve posture, allowing you to function better throughout your every day.

Boost overall health

Give your immune system a boost, while calming the central nervous system at the same time. Promote healthy blood flow and fresh oxygen circulation throughout the body.

Physical recovery

Accelerate the body's healing process. Reduce joint pain, relieve muscle tension, and increase bone health.


Let your mind & body find a disconnect. Meditate, quiet the mind, and practice internal connection through breathwork and movement.

mental clarity

Reduce stress levels and relax your mind. Rather than thinking about your busy life and everything you need to get done, tune in to the present moment where all you need to do is breathe.


Pricing options

sauna 30

A quick 30 minute sweat sesh to detox the body and refresh the mind. Think about adding on a dunk in the cold plunge to up level your experience and boost your recovery!


The more you buy, the more you save!

Purchase a 5 or 10 pack of sauna and ice sessions. Take the time to take care of yourself. You deserve it.

sauna 45

Get a full body reset with 45 minutes in the infrared sauna. The ultimate biohacking experience to leave your body feeling fresh and your mind clear.

What We Offer

oTHER services

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Cold plunge

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